Carich Care Bulletin – May 2020
VE Day at Sunny View and the Making of New Friends
Tracey reports interesting times at Sunny View with Miss F:
On 8th May 1945 the nation was awaking to the beginning of a new world, a world of peace and a victory over austerity. 75 years later and the world is facing another new beginning as we celebrate the military heroes that fought for our country.

These days we celebrate and applaud our NHS heroes as we are fighting and defending ourselves against a very real, but invisible enemy. So the 75th year celebration for VE was very different to how anyone had ever expected it to play out. However, the last couple of months has made Britain come together, much like they had to during WW2.

Whilst there were only socially distanced street parties, we didn’t let that stop us from commemorating the day at Sunny View. Staff and resident spent time making and decorating union flag bunting during the week and then Friday morning we stuck it up alongside the rainbow in the porch window. Both are symbols of strength and hope for the future.

On the Thursday evening during the weekly “Clap for Carers” a gentleman who lives opposite Sunny View came over to speak to a staff member about how he was a carer for his wife and he had seen us working with the young lady at the house, and he wanted to buy her some chocolate and he would bring it over to us one day. When this was shared within the staff WhatsApp group, everyone was incredibly touched by his generosity and for reaching out.

We all wanted to do something nice for them and seeing as it was VE Day the following day maybe it would be nice to send them over the elements for them to have a proper British cream tea. So Friday morning, staff and resident of Sunny View put together a care package.

We made fresh homemade scones and sent this over in a basket with jam, clotted cream, strawberries and a box of English Breakfast tea bags. It was a great activity that Miss F really enjoyed doing and helped us to introduce her and the company to the local community. At 11am staff encouraged Miss F to come to the front door and to observe the 2 minutes silence. Social distancing won’t let us forget what the older generation did for us. 

After VE Day we seem to have made a small impression on the street. Miss F received a box of Milk Tray (which disappeared rather quickly!) and the carers were sent over a care package of chocolates, wine and fruit along with a card. It is small gestures that can make the difference and spark up a community understanding of supported living and treating everyone equally.

Sighting the Severn Boar?
Laura reports on a recent trip:
I visited the Forest of Dean with Miss F where we were came across some wild pigs which startled the life out of us!
I feel I have built a good relationship with Miss F.

An Unexpected Gift
Miss F was the lucky recipient of a lovely lockdown hamper from a neighbour after our VE Day celebrations.

Enjoying the Peace
One unexpected benefit of the lockdown has been the absence of traffic noise and pollution and the opportunity to really enjoy nature.  Here’s Mr M doing just that on a trip to the Forest of Dean with Macey.

Seeing the Sites!
Ceri hasn’t been straying too far but still managed to find something interesting.
Excitement at the construction site across the road! The diggers, dumper trucks and cranes have been busy working hard providing hours of joy and entertainment for a young man, breaking the lockdown boredom.
This has certainly been a highlight for me, to see the joy and excitement from Mr J. Even the sunburn was worth it!

Fruit & Veg vs Chocolate
It’s a no brainer isn’t it, but it left Mass searching for a way to get Mr M to eat fruit and vegetables rather than his preferred carbs and chocs

Then Mass made a discovery.  If you chop the healthy options up and pop them in a plastic container, then Mr M will merrily munch on them whilst going for a drive.  In fact, he ate the whole lot!
Becky’s birthday had to be spent in self-isolation so we cheered her up with a special afternoon tea package.

Bex was also a recipient of a birthday package

New Staff
There were more additions to the team this month.
First up is Macey Stokes.
Also joining us is Carla Dunn.
And our final newcomer this month is Maisie King.
Continuing Professional Development
Sandra completed her Health & Social Care qualification this month.
As we prepare for life in the ‘new normal’, all of the staff completed their Infection Prevention & Control training – via a Zoom conference!

Carich Care Bulletin – April 2020
Enjoying Easter!
Well we weren’t going to let a little thing like a coronavirus lockdown ruin our fun were we?

Great times were had at both Woodlea and Sunny View.  In fact it turned out that hunting for the Easter eggs was more fun than actually eating them!
Agents of Shield!
Of course we can’t ignore these strange times and as the government moved us into a period of ‘sustained transmission’ we stepped up our use of PPE.
Here is Carole modelling one of our face shields:

Out and About
It will take more than coronavirus to keep us indoors!  Here’s Ceri’s take on the month’s trips:
During such a confusing and routine destroying time that is covid-19, our individuals have been enjoying self-regulating walks, exploring the Forest of Dean and the beautiful outdoors.
We visited Stratford Park and one individual hiked over all different terrain and even climbed a style with support, while another person enjoyed visiting the ducks and watched them so peacefully. 

I was so proud of Mr M walking nearly 3 miles in the Forest, even past dogs after one startled him. Finally, Mr J made my week when he was jogging with me in the Forest.
Tracey celebrated her birthday with a gift from her colleagues.

And Jade was another with a birthday this month.

New Staff
We are pleased to welcome another new face to our ever expanding team.  Meet Ceri Davies.

Carich Care Bulletin – March 2020
Report gives Carich Care a “Good” Rating!
We received a visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and were subsequently given a detailed report.  Carich Care was rated as GOOD overall, an outstanding achievement given the short time that we have been operating.
The report can be viewed here:
Monkeying About!
This month’s big treat for the boys, Mr G, Mr J and Mr M, was a supported trip to Monkey World.
On selected dates throughout the year Monkey World hold Autism Friendly Days.  Autistic visitors and their guests can access the park from 9am, an hour earlier than the opening time for the public, ensuring they avoid potentially stressful queuing.

There is no need to pre-book and all the staff are aware of additional needs.  There is also a specially prepared sensory trail as well as dedicated chill out spaces.
Needless to say the boys had a wonderful day.

Coronavirus Hits

Coronavirus hot the UK while Carol D was on holiday on South Africa.  Fortunately she made it back home safely. 
It has meant that we have all had to learn yet more technological skills and we are now able to take part in Zoom conference calls.  In fact Carol D was even able to do some work on holiday:

Not a bad view, I’m sure you’d agree!
It was Debbie’s birthday this month and she was the first to receive the Lockdown Birthday Experience!

Carich Care Bulletin – February 2020
Enjoying the Lights at Lunar City!
You may not be aware of the wonderful facilities available at Lunar City in the heart of Gloucester.  The self-styed “supersonic inflatable city” provides a variety of activities for adventurous people of all ages. 
In addition it puts on sessions specifically for people with disabilities and carers go free!  You can check out their website here:
Becky visited with Mr J:
I enjoyed supporting Mr J at Lunar City, GL1.  He slowly got more confident moving around and certainly appeared to enjoy watching the lights and listening to the music. The relaxed atmosphere was just perfect.
In the car on his way back his face lit up when he saw the barbers and the night club and I’ve suggested these might be added to his possible future activities! When I arrived on shift on Sunday morning, I was greeted by an excited Mr J who signed ‘bounce’ enthusiastically to me!

Out for a Duck!
Miss F had an enjoyable time feeding the ducks accompanied by Tracey.

At the Airport

Meanwhile Mr J and Kelly were plane spotting at Gloucester Airport.
It was a month of birthdays featuring the three Carol(e)s!
Carol H kicked us off, celebrating in style at Celtic Manor.
Next up was Carole, here seen with the wonderful gifts her colleagues provided.
And then it was Carol D’s turn.  Why would anyone think this was an appropriate present though?
Finally it was Mr M, who shares a birthday with Carol D.  Here is seen opening his presents before enjoying a meal out with his parents.
Continuing Professional Development

Alex from Ash Training delivered a training session on autism for all the staff team.

Carich Care Bulletin – January 2020
Our Office is Finally Ready!
I am pleased to say that the Carich Care office has been completed and is now fully functioning.  This sign seems to be appropriate so I may have to commission something similar…

Sensory Equipment Installed
Mr J successfully applied for a grant from the Barnwood Trust for sensory items and equipment as we wanted to make the sitting room more appealing for those with sensory processing needs.  The room now has a light projector, multi-coloured sensory rug and a den area complete with multi-coloured materials of different textures.
In addition Mr J has his own light up gloves and a giant beanbag!
On Yer Bike!

Miss F had an exciting opportunity to go cycling at Podsmead.
A Trip to the Panto – Oh Yes they Did!!
As a seasonal treat Mr J and Miss F went to the Stanley Players pantomime at Kings Stanley Village Hall to see Carol D and Tracey performing in Beauty and the Beast.  I’m not saying which was which…

Case Study
We were joined recently by a student working in the field of autism.  Here is her report of her time with us:
I am currently studying for my MSc in Positive Behaviour Support at the University of Kent and for my work based learning module I had to help reduce a challenging behaviour for someone with autism. I approached Carich Care to ask if it would be possible for me to use one of their service users and help train their staff. The management team were very on-board and together we decided it would be beneficial for Mr J to be the focus of my intervention. 
Firstly, I had to complete a functional assessment. This looked at the target behaviour and tried to work out what happens. This involved talking to the staff team, observing Mr J in his environment and carrying out an assessment called an Interview-Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis. With the help of the staff team, we worked out that the function of the target behaviour was to gain the attention of staff.
I then went about writing a behaviour support plan and making materials to support both Mr J and the staff. 
Whilst I was designing these materials, staff started taking baseline data using a tally counter to measure the frequency of the target behaviour. It was reported that Mr J understood what staff were doing and started taking the data himself too!
The main aim of my intervention was to increase Mr J's quality of life and engage him in more activities across a structured week. This involved us seeking out new activities that were accessible, such as working on a farm, attending an inflatable obstacle course locally and accessing a toy library with a sensory room.
Alongside these activities, I wanted to increase Mr J's communication so that he would be able to tell us what he wanted in a more consistent manner and help staff communicate with Mr J. This involved making symbols for him to show how his week/day would look and show us what he wanted to do. Staff said that sometimes Mr J would notice that they had missed a certain symbol on his routine and find it to add in!
Although there were a few challenges along the way, the staff team managed to reduce the target behaviour by half across the space of a few weeks! We still have more to do, but it is all going in the right direction :)
A member of staff commented: “I feel that it was an interesting project. He clearly learnt quickly what the clicks indicated and that it was the job of the person supporting him to make sure they did it.  It showed how important his routine is to him and that the amount of spitting that he did reflected the amount of upset he was feeling.  In turn this showed us, as staff working with him, potential key trigger areas.”
We Promised Pictures of the Piglets

Here they are, growing fast!
Staff News
We have seen an influx of new members of staff and here they are:
Debbie Smith has joined us as a relief Support Worker.
Cherrie’s role is a Night Support Worker
Laura is a Support Worker.
Becky is also a Support Worker.
Continuing Professional Development

Haven’t we got a lot of new staff?  They have all completed their Positive Behavioural Support and Challenging Behaviour training.
Chloe and Carol H completed their Lead to Succeed course.
Finally this month we have Jade, Mass, Becky, Laura and Tracey showing off the certificates they achieved for completing their Positive Behavioural Support training.

Carich Care Bulletin – December 2019
‘Can Do’ Attitude Results in a ‘Sunny View’!
I am a great believer in having a ‘can do’ attitude and think it is reflected throughout our team.
It was put to the test this month when we got the call to see if we could start a new service almost immediately.  Everyone got stuck in and we managed to pull everything together in under a week!
To celebrate Carich’s positive attitude we decided to call the service ‘Sunny View’. 
Thanks to Nurseline…
The new service was only made possible by working closely with Nurseline. 
Nurseline Healthcare is a specialist community of mental healthcare professionals who supply experienced, registered mental health nurses and support workers.  We have managed to build up an excellent relationship with them.
Here’s what one of their staff, Emma, had to say:
When you meet two lovely ladies like Carol Haines and Chloe time gets away from you and it turns into a real meeting of minds session … incredibly valuable and much appreciated.”
You can find Nurseline’s website here:
… and Thanks to Freecycle too
We were so grateful for all the support we received at Christmas from the kind people on Freecycle.  It enabled us to pull together lots of gifts for Mr S, Mr M, Mr J and our latest client Miss F.
We were also given several Christmas trees and enough decorations to ensure our homes were full of festive spirit! 
Even the fridge at Woodlea got decorated.
Out and About Despite the Weather!
It takes more than a spot of rain to stop our adventurers from travelling far and wide.  This month we managed trips to Newent Lakes, Gloucester Cathedral and Saintbridge Pond, as well as plenty of walks.
On days when the weather was bad we spent time at the Worcester Sensory Room.
Individually Mr J enjoyed several visits to the City Farm and Mr S was supported to go ice skating at Gloucester Quays.
Staff News
On 13th December we finally heard that Carol Haines had been accepted by CQC as a Registered Manager for Carich Care.  Carol Dyer immediately celebrated by booking another holiday!
This month we were pleased to welcome back Elizabeth Cameron.  We haven’t had the heart to ask for her to give her leaving presents back yet.
We are pleased to welcome the latest member of our team, Nikki Hunt, who has joined us as a night support worker. 
December also saw Michelle’s birthday and we helped her celebrate.  Why she couldn’t have a cake like everybody else I don’t know…
Continuing Professional Development
During the month Carol Dyer obtained her Level 2 qualification in Understanding Data Protection and Data Security and Nikki completed the Epilepsy course. 
Staff Christmas Do
Of course Carich Care has a staff get-together at this time of year and this took place at the wonderful Brewhouse Kitchen in Gloucester.
Now as you know, what happens at these events is a well-kept secret but suffice to say everyone seemed to have a good time!
As a final note of appreciation the staff received a beautiful Christmas hamper to share.

Carich Care Bulletin – November 2019
Little Things but they Mean a Lot
I find it amazing that what some people regard as just little things can mean such a lot to our clients.  We saw some good examples of this in November.
When you work in an environment when you usually only hear staff speak, it thrilled us when Mr M was heard to say “Yeah”, not once but twice!
And one of our men now responds when the staff say his name.  In addition he was able to dribble a football around the perimeter of the garden.
City Farm Visit!
Mr J enjoys all his trips out but is always excited when we take him to St James City Farm at Tredworth.  It is a community based charity, mainly manned by volunteers, and provides a refreshing taste of the countryside in the heart of the city, complete with a selection of farm animals.
Their pig is currently pregnant and Mr J is anxiously looking forward to the arrival of the piglets!
You can visit the farm’s website here:
The Doctor Visits
During November we needed to call a doctor out on two occasions.  One of these was at night and, by the time the doctor arrived, our client had fallen asleep.  The doctor was very patient while the client was awoken but expressed concerns about his behaviour.
Our staff sat on the floor with the young man and calmly explained what the doctor needed to do.  The doctor then carried out his review as our staff member continued to talk and calm the client.
When the doctor made to leave he said he was compelled to express his admiration for the way the staff member had worked with the patient.  Having seen his initial reactions the doctor assumed that physical restraints would be required.
We believe all members of our staff would have behaved in a similar manner.  This is why we do not use physical restraints in our service.
Compliments Gratefully Accepted!
On one of our recent trips we took a client to Matalan.  This particular young man has difficulty conforming to the norms of society but on this occasion he calmly entered the store, chose what he wanted and prepared to leave to sit in the car whilst a member of our staff paid for the items.
As he left the store a member of the public spoke to the remaining member of staff.  “You and your friend were amazing the way you looked after that young man.”
It doesn’t sound like much but, as I said at the beginning of this blog, little things can mean such a lot.
Staff News
At the beginning of November Denise moved on to join a new company.  I would like to thank her for all her hard work since May and to wish her every success in her new venture.  I am especially pleased to add that Denise has agreed to stay on with us as a bank worker.

Also at the start of the month we helped Liz celebrate her birthday but a few days later bid her a sad farewell as she too moved to pastures new.  However, we must be doing something right because by the end of the month she was asking if she could come back to us!
We have agreed but on the condition that she brings back those biscuits to share with us all!

Finally this month we also helped Chantelle celebrate her birthday.

Carich Care Bulletin – October 2019
Our October Adventures
The weather might have turned colder and wetter but there have still been plenty of nice days when we have been able to get out for walks, trips to the park and the airport even picnics. There have been several shopping trips and trips to the railway station.
At home the garden has been well used with the swing, playing ball and cleaning the car being the most popular activities. Inside the house there has been lots of cake making and craft projects, which resulted in stacks of Halloween decorations which were hung around the house.
Halloween Party!
Our month finished with a lively Halloween party at Cadbury Hall in Frampton, with everyone having fun on the bouncy castle.  We also had a number of boxes, each of which had a different method of opening, and this was an enjoyable enrichment exercise.  We are now planning supported snacking whilst promoting independence skills in the home environment.
Mas Celebrates!
Mas celebrated his birthday this month but somehow managed to avoid being photographed!  He doesn’t escape though – here he is!

CPD News!
Ebba, Alana and Denise all successfully completed their Midazolam training.

We enjoyed an away day for the whole team where they were able to complete their First Aid training.

First Aid First Aid

Carich Care Bulletin – September 2019
Out & About in September

The weather has been kind to us this month, despite some chillier weather, and once again we were able to get out and enjoy ourselves in the fresh air.
Plenty of walks and picnics were the order of the day.  Amongst the wonderful local places we visited were Woodchester Mansion, Lydiard Park near Swindon and the fantastic Forest of Dean.

Putting the Bounce in Mr J’s Step!
We rounded off the month with a party to celebrate Mr J’s birthday.  To make it more memorable we arranged for a bouncy castle for the day.  All three of our men thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Happy Birthday to Kelly!
We were also able to help celebrate Kelly’s birthday.  We don’t know how old she was (30) but she had a lovely day.  (That’s thirty!)

Another New Recruit!
Our team continues to grow and this month we added Jade Morris.  We celebrated her appointment by sending her on an Epilepsy and Midazolam Administration training course.

Carich Care Bulletin – August 2019
August Update
August brought some fantastic weather, of course, and our clients enjoyed getting out and about, including several impromptu picnics!  They have also had some great days out.
For starters the three of them visited the Cotswold Steam Show at South Cerney.  It was a fantastic day out for them all and luckily they didn’t get steamed up!  It was also an opportunity for them to practice their improving independent skills in the community.
A visit to Gloucester Cathedral for them all allowed them to experience the fantastic acoustics of the building.
Mr M has had a splashing time in the hot tub at GL1.
Meanwhile Mr J had a fun time on a bouncy castle during a perfect trip to Podsmead Rugby Club.
Mr G set sail this month!  He took to the water at Over.
Finally, Newent Lakes provided a lovely, relaxing day out for the three.
Happy Birthday Sandra – 21 (again!)
Goodness knows what the message in the card was, but it also contained a collection to allow her to have a drink and a massage.

Carich Care Bulletin – July 2019
New Recruits
Once again our team has grown with these lovely people joining us this month:
Alana Taylor – Alana is a weekend support worker with us.

Alana Taylor

Mas Ceesay – Mas will be a relief support worker.

Mas Ceesay

Chloe Dyer – we are pleased to say Chloe has joined us on a full time basis and has accepted the role of Deputy Manager.

Chloe Dyer

Go to our Meet the Team page to found out more about our New Faces!

First Property Full!
We are pleased to confirm we have accepted our third package of care, Mr M, so our first property is now full.  Onto number two…
July Update
So we now have three men sharing the house and my goodness they are up for adventure!
Some of this month’s highlights:
All three had a fantastic day at Fairford Air Show where they shared a picnic and saw the wonderful Red Arrows in action.
It was a musical experience for Mr G and Mr M as they attended Bee Fest at The Bumble Bee and witnessed Miss Treated in action, amongst others.
The three were all together again at the Treasure Seekers Family Fun Day in Westgate Street, Gloucester.  This time they particularly liked a fire engine and music. 
Treasure Seekers are an organisation who do wonderful work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people, helping reach them reach their full potential and enabling them to take an active art in the local community.
You can find out more about them here:
Positive Feedback – in a Backhanded Way!
We were very pleased to receive this comment from Mr M’s mother, although I have to admit I had to read it twice to fully appreciate her sentiments:
“Today I received the response from Mr M that I said I was looking for.  He ignored me and walked straight past me!  I did insist he gave me a hug and a kiss before he went out shopping though.  Brilliant!  I am a satisfied mum so thank you!” 
Digital Technology Marches On!
I am pleased to say that we have mastered our new digital systems and are trialling how our rota and timesheets feed directly into payroll.

Digital technology marches on

Continued Professional Development
Liz is very happy to have completed her NCFE Level 2certificate in Data Protection and Data Security.  We can rely on Liz to be a safe pair of hands!

Liz - NCFE Level 2

Meanwhile Chantelle, Chloe and Kelly all completed their Epilepsy and Midazolam administration courses.  The three plus Carole also completed their Positive Behaviour Support training.

Carich Care Bulletin – June 2019
New Recruits
As our workload increases we are very pleased to welcome three new faces to the Carich Care team.
Carole Thomas

Kelly Morgan

Chantelle Apperley

You can find out more about our new recruits, as well as our existing team members, by going to our Meet the Team page
New Manager Appointed!

Due to the increased workload it has been decided to appoint a new Manager and Carol Haines has gladly agreed to step up.  The registration process with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) can take up to 16 weeks.  We’ll just have to keep the celebratory champagne on ice until then! 
June Update
Mr G has been keeping us busy with regular trips to the park, cycling, swimming, sailing and visiting Kingfishers.  He has also enjoyed spending time in the superb Sensory Room at the Redwell Centre and watched local band Miss Treated performing at Coopers Edge School Fete.

The really exciting news, though, is that he now has a house mate!  Everyone has helped get the house ready to welcome Mr J and he has fitted in very well already.  This can only mean more fun and adventures ahead   And I don’t think I have ever seen a care team get so many cuddles!

June Birthdays
Finally, this month we celebrated the birthdays of Becki and Rich. 

I’m not sure where Captain Rich was when this photo was taken but it certainly wasn’t Pittville Park! 

Ahoy there matey!

Carich Care Bulletin – May 2019

New Recruits

We are very pleased to announce that Michelle joined us at the beginning of the month


Denise Galliford joined us at the end of the month


And Chloe Dyer joined us as a relief support worker


See our Meet The Team page to see all our dedicated staff.

The on line application form is proving to be a great success with our team being set to increase dramatically over the coming weeks. If you know anyone who may be interest in working with the best team, supporting some amazing clients then please ask them to check out our web site www.carichcare.co.uk

Continued professional development

The staff team joined together to undertake their 'Prevention Management of Violence & Aggression' training.

Continued Professoinal Development

Mr G spends an evening with Miss Treated

We suspect that Mr G enjoyed an evening of soft rock and was keen to show off his dance moves

Mr G with Miss Treated

A Compliment from Mr G's parents

We were delighted to receive these words 'we would like to say to you and the staff, that we are very grateful and appreciative of the care given to our son. This is enabling us to make plans for ourselves, to go away, have a life without undue worry, and with the knowledge that our son is being well cared for. Thank you.'

Carich Care Bulletin – April 2019

Mr G Keeps us Busy!
We are pleased to announce our first client has well and truly arrived.  Mr G appears to be settling in and enjoying a variety of visits.
So far he has experienced cycling, swimming and sailing, plus trips to Kingfishers.  Perhaps the most random visit was to a well-known DIY store to collect strips of sample wallpaper which have subsequently been used to create a mini masterpiece on the wall in the lounge!  

And after all the hard work, a trip to McDonalds seems the right thing to do

Sue’s 50th Birthday Treat!
Sue Taitt recently celebrated being 50 years young.
Ever since she saw an article about alpacas visiting a residential home Sue has been nagging us to get some for our garden.  Well we haven’t done that yet but decided it was an ideal opportunity for a combined birthday celebration and team building exercise at an alpaca farm.
After a delightful picnic lunch Sue and Harley were sent to herd the alpacas into a barn where they fed them, groomed them and took them for a stroll.
After such strenuous exercise, we ended the day with tea and birthday cake on the lawn.
Many happy returns Sue!

This Just In …
We've just received a note from Sue thanking us for her birthday treat.  Not sure it is entirely accurate, though.
Absolutely lovely day with the Alpaca’s, a wonderful surprise for my 27th birthday!! Lovely, lovey thing my work colleagues did! Now they all know what beautiful animals they are, perhaps we could have our very own?? :)”

We fed the alpacas and groomed them

Then we took them for a walk

The day ended with tea and birthday cake on the lawn

Carich Care Bulletin – March 2019
Team Building & Bonding!
So what have we been up to during our first couple of weeks?  Team building and bonding, that’s what!
Let me start by introduce our first team to you.  Take a bow please ladies:

• Elizabeth Cameron

• Sandra Morgan

• Sue Taitt

• Becki Thomas

Back row left to right - Carol Dyer, Becki Thomas, Liz Cameron, Sue Taitt,
Front row left to right - Sandra Morgan, Carol Haines

Each brings their own skills and talents to form what we think will be a formidable team, capable of coping with anything that comes their way.
We are great believers in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) so our first two weeks have been devoted to understanding the differences between residential care and supported living.  This involved us recapping on all aspects of our mandatory training and getting to know our first client.
One of our first challenges has been adapting to our new digital way of working.  We're pleased to say that everyone has coped very well.  Sue amazed us by confessing she was actually enjoying using our digital system.

Then on 25th March we took on our first care package.  Let the adventures begin!

Carich Care Bulletin – February 2019
It’s All Good News with Us!
The first bit of good news is that we are up and running with our first home and looking forward to meeting our first client!  We're sure they will be the first of many to come.
Our Carich Care Bulletin each month will gather together our news in one place to make it easy for everyone to find.  So what’s happening?
Registration Received!
We have received our official registration from the Care Quality Commission.  Now begins our journey towards delivering an ‘outstanding’ service.
The Digital Age has Arrived!

Carich Care is pleased to announce their arrival in the digital age.  Henceforth we will be developing a paperless system utilising iPads.
New Deputy Manager Appointed!

Please welcome our new Deputy Manager, Carol Haines.  Carol has bags of experience and is raring to get started.  We're sure this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.