Meet The Team

Carol Dyer - Director

I have worked in care settings for the whole of my adult life. I have a passion to strive for a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect – this includes our service users and also our staff.
I enjoy thespian activities with Stanley Players, playing netball, live music, good beer, travel and all aspects of family life.

Rich Dyer – Director (I’m supposed to be retired (early!!!))

After many years of working in Local Government I joined our previous company as Director of Facilities (handyman). 
I am full of admiration for the way our care staff carry out their work.
I enjoy travel, most sports, theatre and food.

Carol Haines – Registered Manager

Well here we are 2 years old, it has been a very exciting 2 years and full of challenging times for all, we have all together faced issues like never before !!
This has developed a closer team, that I am very proud to be part of,  Zoom and Team meetings like never before, a new lesson to learn every day.

I am thrilled to say that we have been expanding our existing staff team and management team, so really looking forward to seeing what will happen over the next 2 years.

Chloe Dyer - Deputy Manager

Hi! My name is Chloe and I have been Deputy Manager at Carich Care for around 18 months now. It has been a tough 18 months with lots of challenges (especially around COVID) but I am so grateful and proud to be doing it with such a wonderful team around me. Let’s hope for a more positive year to come, but I am sure we will overcome anything thrown our way.

Laura Shaw - Team Leader

I’m Laura and I joined the carich care team in January 2020, I was completely new to supported living having done just over 7 years of dementia care prior to joining carich care.
I enjoy my job as a support worker and have now been appointed as a team leader. I enjoy supporting the service users and spreading my positivity and smiley nature onto the service users as-well as my colleagues.

Carla Dunn - Team Leader

Hi my name is Carla. I have worked in healthcare for almost 14 years. I have two beautiful boys and enjoy socialising. I am excited to get stuck in to my new role as team leader. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in a more managerial role.

Sandra Morgan – Support Worker

Hi I’m Sandra. I have worked as a support worker for over 2 years now, I’ve learned so much in this short time. I enjoy my role with challenging behaviour and learning difficulties and enjoy working with a great team of staff. It is very self-satisfying helping those who need support to lead a fulfilled and happy life.

Becki Thomas – Support Worker/Keyworker

My name is Becki and I’ve been in care for over 3 years now. I really enjoy my role as a Support Worker. I am just returning to Carich Care after taking maternity leave, where I welcomed my third son into the world. I’m excited to be back and to see what new challenges lie ahead.

Carole Thomas - Support Worker/Keyworker

Hi my name is Carole and I have been a support worker for ten plus years.

Mass Ceesay - Support Worker

I’m Mass Ceesay and I have been in care for the past four years. I came to join Carich Care on 8/7/19. I am really enjoying the work that I am doing as a support worker. I like travelling and support Manchester City football club.

Jade Morris - Support Worker

I have been in the caring sector for six years and have experience within all areas, ranging from children to young people and older adults. I am always willing to give anything a go and always want to improve my knowledge in any way possible! 
I enjoy travelling around the world, exploring many different cultures and the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. In my own time I love spending quality time with all of my family.

Becky Symonds - Support Worker/Keyworker

Hi, my name is Becky and I have worked with people who have learning disabilities for nearly 10 years. Previous to this I worked in childcare which I also really enjoyed. I enjoy working at Carich care it's a great place to work and it's one amazing team of people. In my spare time I love spending time with my family and taking my dog for walks .

Maisie King - Support Worker

Hi, my name is Maisie and I have been a support worker for four years. I really enjoy supporting people to live a happy & fulfilled life.

Luke de Witt Vine – Support Worker

Hi, I'm Luke, and I have spent the last 8 years supporting people around Gloucestershire, during which I've had some of the most fun and rewarding times of my life. Outside of work I can usually be found noodling on my guitar, reading a sci-fi or fantasy novel and travelling to far flung places, seeking out strange and exotic lifeforms!

Vicci Soliman – Support Worker

Hi, my name is Vicci and I have been working for Carich Care since October 2020.   I am from Cam but have lived all over the country and I have also spent several years in Egypt.  I have three children, who, although they are aged 13, 17 and 20, still keep me on my toes but I wouldn't change them! 

After teaching for over 20 years, both in England and Egypt, I decided I was ready for a change and decided to do the work I loved before teaching. I am happy to be working as part of a great team with lovely service users.

Mandy MacDonald – Support Worker

My career in care started back in 1987 at 18. Yes, do the maths! I have had the opportunity to work in various care and support settings, which have left me with many good memories and gained experience. I moved to Gloucestershire in 2011, when up until joining Carich Care I have been working full time in Training & Development in health & social care.
I share a passion with my husband in that we both like to ride motorcycles, me on the back. Another thing even better is, I have now fulfilled a dream and built my own house

Lauren Clark – Support Worker

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’ve been working in care nearly 9 years. I’m looking forward to the new challenge at Carich Care as a support worker.

Berta Millàs Xancó – Support Worker

Hi, my name is Berta and have been working in Carich Care for nearly 4 months now. This has been my first experience as a Support worker. It's been very positive, continuous learnings with challenges and very enriching experiences.

Jessica Impey – Support Worker

“Hello everyone! I’m Jessica!
I am a support worker for Carich Care, I started my role in February 2021 and I’ve learnt so much already! I have worked in the care sector for 2 years, most of my experience has been with elderly clients, which is why I decided to join Carich Care! Challenging behaviour is very new to me, however, with the support from the team and management I have had lots of fun, built good team working relationships and felt 100% supported when I need it! Even though I am still learning, I feel like I’ve fit right in! I am excited for my future with Carich Care.”

Manja Tunney – Support Worker

Hi, I am Manja. I moved from Germany to the UK in 1989.
I have 3 years of previous care experience - gained  in domiciliary care and supporting  adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and complex needs.
Previously to that I spent 10 years at Gloucestershire Police as a Police Community Support Officer for Gloucester.
In my free time I like to walk and go swimming

Sarah Thomas – Support Worker

Hello my name Sarah. I have been working in care for 5 years I’m looking forward to new experience and new opportunities with Carich Care, as previously I have only worked in elderly residential care services. I’m really looking forward to the new challenge and meeting new people. As well as making a difference to people lives.

Cherrie Harrison – Night Support Worker

Hi, I’m Cherrie and I’ve worked in the care sector for just over 3 and a half years before leaving to have my second baby. I’m now ready to get stuck in again! I don’t get a lot of time for hobbies and spend most of my free time occupied with my 2 daughters and socialising with friends and family. I’m looking forward to all the new and exciting things that Carich Care can offer me!

Debbie Smith – Night Support Worker

Hi, I’m Debbie and I’ve been working in care for nearly 25 years. I have gained lots of experience which helps me every day and being able to make the service users happy is important to me as well as bringing a sense of fun to their lives.

Tracey Beddoes – Relief Support Worker

I've been working in various different care settings for many years. I love the challenges and rewards that come with being a support worker. I am very excited to be a part of the team, facing new challenges, finding solutions, and making our resident's lives as fulfilling as possible. I am currently studying full time for a degree in Occupational Therapy, and I hope to be able to transfer the skills I learn to enhance my job.
You'll know me by my bright, ever-changing, hair! In my spare time, I am a member of the Stanley Players, a volunteer with the Kings and Queens drama group in Stonehouse, but my real love is doing Pole Fitness in Stroud where I have mastered many challenges, hanging upside down and working on my all over fitness

Alana Taylor - Relief Support Worker

Hi I'm Alana and I have worked in a variety of care settings over the past 10 years. I have worked with some of the team previously... until they forced me to leave and sent me off to travel down under. 
They have since bribed me back with the promise of creating amazing memories for the people we are supporting. Oh and they may have mentioned there will be cake.

Josh Woodend – Relief Support Worker

Hi, I’m Josh. I joined Carich Care in August and have found the role of relief support worker an incredibly rewarding experience. I particularly enjoy learning about which approaches service users respond best to and how I can communicate most effectively with them. I’ll be covering holidays.

Alessia Johnston – Relief Support Worker

Hi, I’m Alessia and I’ve worked at Carich Care since summer 2020. I am a relief support worker and I am in my second year of university studying psychology. I have 4 years of experience working with people with disabilities. I love travelling and trying new experiences.

Yaneik Blackwood – Relief Support Worker

Hi, I am Yaneik. I recently joined the team at Carich Care. I love what we as a team do in respecting and supporting the service users to live fulfilling independent lives. I am excited to  continue facing new challenges and making a genuine impact on the people we support.

Bex Dyer MSc – Relief Support Worker/behaviour consultant/Director

Bex has worked with adults and children with learning disabilities for over 10 years across different settings. Recently she has worked in a school that uses the principles of Positive Behaviour Support to teach children and reduce challenging behaviour, before moving to providing home programmes, alongside parent and staff training. Bex has completed her MSc in Positive Behaviour Support through the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent. Bex recently completed a work based learning project for her masters at Carich Care, helping us reduce challenging behaviour and enrich our service users' lives. Bex is working towards gaining her BCBA accreditation.