Our Aim, Objectives and Philosophy of Care

We aim to provide high quality care to the local community and beyond, meeting individual needs in a safe, caring, effective and responsive environment with a well-led workforce who have the skills, knowledge and resources to meet the highest standards. Our aims are:

1. To deliver quality care based on the needs of our Service Users

2. To treat all Service Users equally whilst valuing their differences and respecting their human rights

3. To safeguard Service Users from all forms of abuse whilst respecting their decisions

4. To provide access to information through a range of formats and aids including advocacy where required

5. To involve Service Users seeking feedback including complaints, compliments and ideas to improve the service

6. To ensure we recruit and retain the right staff and maintain and improve their skills through the right training

7. To act immediately to understand, respond to and learn from incidents through established systems

8. To deliver compassionate support that promotes Service User's dignity, respecting their needs, wishes and expectations